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cj riley wrote:
If you have been reading Scale Rails you may have noticed that Di has written about this with turnouts and recent product reviews have regularly (almost always) rejected a compliance warrant for not meeting standards.
So it is happening, but will manufacturers care?
I have indeed noticed that, but it shouldn't require reading between the lines. The NMRA could certainly get publicity for WITHDRAWING certificates, as I said, but I should think they could and should put more emphasis on the failure to ISSUE them. The President's column, or the Editor's column, or even a "news" story, might help publicize that something is being done.
I think the big interest of most people on this list is for standards to be developed for things we don't now have, like a standard scale coupler pocket, or a standard bolster height, etc., but activity in the form of examining products and finding them wanting, particularly trackwork, might be a very beneficial visibility for the NMRA--if it's made visible.

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