Re: New Standards for Freight Cars Models

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Pieter Roos writes:

"The way such a standard would be implemented is in the way I expect
99% of all non-safety related standards take hold. The standard
becomes expected on new products, old products make up a slowly
shrinking pool until they are phased out or re-tooled for other
reasons; or because the pre-standard pool is now so small that
maintaining the old tooling is no longer economical."

Hmmm. Lessee. You're saying that IF the new accurate standard O scale gage is 4'8.5" between the rails instead of the current 5' gage that the new products...lets say...oh...maybe 100 brass steam locos yearly...will soon outnumber the 12,000 brass steam engines currently in use? Do you really think that current owners of layouts using track and wheel profiles associated with RP-25 Code 110 are going to throw away all their stuff in order to use more accurate wheel and track [ frog ] dimensions? Need a bridge? Cheap?

Obviously it depends upon what the standard is. Kadee #5 couplers do work with their "scale" couplers so applying scale couplers to a fleet of #5's is not a problem.

"Certainly all the manufacturers COULD decide that they want to stick
with their own dimensions to avoid tooling a new truck to go on that
new car kit. If all of them persist, the standard goes nowhere. If the
major players adopt the standard, the smaller manufacturers will more
or less have to follow."

Not really. 99% of the buyers won't know or care. IMO.

"Is it fair? Not entirely, but that's business."

Correct. A manufacturer is going to respond to his market. I can see the manufacturer accepting a standard that 100% of his market can use. I don't think he'll respond to one that 3% of his market can use.

Mike Brock

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