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Chris- These cars had "Buckeye steel ends" when built, not reverse
Buckeye. You can check the diagrams on the fallen flags site (these
were originally double door box cars). As to the ends being available
in HO you are in luck. Sunshine had them (or a similiar, shortened
version) in their models of 78,000-78,499 box cars.
Ed: hi. Whatever they be called, I think we need to distinguish
between this "Buckeye steel end" from the Erie 78000 series

and the one I previously posted from the Erie 96700 series,

The Sunshine Erie boxcar kit is for the 78000 series, and has the
former ends, at least the example in my possession does. The latter
end is the end I am currently wrestling with.

I'm willing to settle on which is the "original" Buckeye end and which
the "reversed" (it seems both series were built in summer of 1936),
but can't see my way clear to calling them the same, even if Erie
might have on diagram sheets.

The NP leased second-hand cars from both these ex-Erie series, with
original ends, (mostly) original roofs and (some) original doors. Best,

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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