Re: New Standards for Freight Cars Models

Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>

I think Pieter has the right idea.

One thing mentioned to by Mike below needs highlighting. I don't think ANY standard proposed by the people here is going to appeal to trainset crowd, and frankly there's really no point worrying about them. However, what if the resin companies, Branchline, Accurail, Proto2000, Kadee and whoever else has products directed toward the "Serious Scale Modeler" (SSM) adopted them? The people proposing the standards would be happy, I'd think. For the resin and kit companies, I'd say that standardized dimensions would appeal to 99% of THEIR customers, and strongly doubt people would be turned away from them for doing it ("99% of the buyers won't know or care. IMO").

So we'd have a world where the trainset crowd isn't really following any standard (i.e., exactly like today) and the SSMs would have products that would be easier to use out of the box.

It's lunacy to expect companies to retool to new standards, however judging by those suggested, NEW tool models shouldn't be a burden, rather setting dimensions to one value rather than another.


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From: Mike Brock
"Certainly all the manufacturers COULD decide that they want to stick
with their own dimensions to avoid tooling a new truck to go on that
new car kit. If all of them persist, the standard goes nowhere. If the
major players adopt the standard, the smaller manufacturers will more
or less have to follow."

Not really. 99% of the buyers won't know or care. IMO.

"Is it fair? Not entirely, but that's business."

Correct. A manufacturer is going to respond to his market. I can see the
manufacturer accepting a standard that 100% of his market can use. I don't
think he'll respond to one that 3% of his market can use.

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