Re: Wrecked box cars in Virginia, 1926

Stokes John

There are a number of new photos on Shorpy worth checking out. A companion of the one here from a different angle is next to this one, click on "Railroads" in the list on the right of the photo from the link. Shows an interesting movable louvered vent on the end of a car, perhaps the ACL car.

Also check out the one named Chicago 1943, great shot of a NYC NW1? switcher and a full side of an MDT yellow wood reefer. South Water Street 1943 shows a Milw 50' OSB box.

Second page see Derailed 1922, interesting detail, Bensenville 1943, great color and many shades of "box car red." On page 3 see Spa Treatment 1942 for cars being rebuilt, and a really great photo of the inside of the North Proviso Yardmaster's office of the C&NW, titled Serve in Silence 1942. There are several pages following but seem to be photos that have been on Shorpy for a while. Good to check back on this page every few months for new photos.
John Stokes
Bellevue, WA

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Wow Scott,I wonder whose house didn't get built? Good find!Al Kresse-------------- Original message -------------- From: "Scott Pitzer" <scottp459@...> Including CCC&StL steel (roof view), GM&N single-sheathed, and ACL ventilator in dark-on-light paint scheme. Pitzer

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