Re: New Standards for Freight Cars Models

Greg Martin

Larry is absolutely correct. His own accomplishements are to be commended and one of the best IMHO was his CORRECT RS2 in the Life Like PK1000 line. He did what KAto couldn't seem to do... Seeing a thing and having the vision to doing it better is a challenge often overlooked by some in the industry.

Greg Martin

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It is wrong to belittle the significant contributions of those on this list who have been instrumental in raising the quality standards of prototypical freight car models and pretend they are simply having fun and taking the easy way out. Expressing their frustration with the existing standards & the difficulty of updating those standards is not carping.
Rather than suggest that those who are already making a large contribution must do even more, you should ask yourself what you will do to contribute to the effort to improve freight car models.

Larry Grubb

Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...> wrote:

Unfortunately, none of this is as easy or fun as carping about how nothing
good ever happens anymore . . ..


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