Re: Erie Reverse Buckeye boxcar ends


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I am wrong and you are right. Can you believe I missed that photo?

Maybe you could use one of the existing Buckeye castings to make
depressions for a reverse Buckeye casting end in a soft material like
plastic wood. I've thought about making ends this way for the 75,500
series of cars which had what I thought (until now) were the only
reverse Buckeye ends. It's not inconceivable that they were used on
50 ft. double door cars or double door cars with end doors (97,100

It's hard to find photos of all these different Erie cars. (Look at
how many different car pages there are in the Erie diagram book on
the fallen flags site!). Fortunately Dan Biernacki rescued a lot of
company negatives from a dumpster.

Erie is one of the few roads to have a lot of steam era freight car
photos on the fallen flags web site.


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