Re: New Standards for Freight Cars Models

Richard Hendrickson

On May 25, 2008, at 11:24 AM, Denny Anspach wrote:

(Among many perceptive observations)...

Dennis Storzek's astute comments say a great deal about the nature of
current dilemma. The current successful model railroad industry as we
know it obviously thrives in the absence of warrants, and are indeed
leery of them for good reasons. A lot of water has passed over the
dam, never ever to return- and efforts to do so are futile.

Exactly. The NMRA long ago squandered whatever credibility it may
have had with both serious scale modelers and the manufacturers who
cater to them. At this point, standards and RPs initiated by the
NMRA will simply be ignored by most of those who might in other
circumstances find them relevant.

Speaking for myself only, the overwhelming majority of such
qualified fine modelers in my extended circle of friends are not NMRA
members (they probably should be, but they are not). To exclude (and
thus not encourage) the wider world only increases a perception of a
self-feeding inward-looking insularity.

Right again, except that I don't know why those of us who aren't NMRA
members "should be." With the single exception of the Kalmbach
library (which we can access even as non-members), the NMRA has
virtually nothing to offer us. I travel ±3,000 miles every January
to attend Prototype Rails in Cocoa Beach but I wouldn't travel 3
miles to attend an NMRA national convention (and yes, I know that
Cocoa Beach is, in effect, an NMRA regional meeting, but that's a
whole other story). If we are to have up-to-date and workable
standards and recommended practices, they are going to have to
originate somewhere else. If someone can figure out how to
accomplish that, I'd be happy to contribute. However, with all due
respect to Mr. Voss, who doubtless means well, I want nothing
whatever to do with the NMRA standards committee, and that's based
not merely on personal animosity but extensive and uniformly negative
past experience. His predecessors have poisoned that well past

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