Product and Model Reviews

Eric Hansmann

I have enjoyed reading the many posts on standards, product reviews, the color of freight car
red, and even the banana bunch. I believe we already have a place we can call home for much of
this information. Someone mentioned the Steam Era Freight Cars web site earlier.

This was originally started by Ted Culotta as a repository of prototype detail for railroad
freight cars. There are reviews, techniques, prototype photos, prototype data, and many more
items that assist in our modeling efforts. I vaguely recall Ted handing this off to someone
else a while back (Rob Adams, maybe??). It is a huge undertaking to maintain and improve a site
like this as an individual. Collectively, we can make contributions to move the information
forward and make it an even more valuable resource. Kurt sent some guidelines used in military
model reviews. Content guidelines are a first step towards funneling detail to the Steam Era
Freight Cars site. A monthly message encouraging submissions from STMFC members may also help
in getting new content to the site. Additionally, many of the threads here could be edited and
combined to post on the web site to better document prototype discussion points. I have over
two dozen threads like this saved to my hard drive as Word files. If I have that many, then I'm
sure many others have done a similar exercise to save some of the nuggets that have shown up

We have a vehicle in place to further share details on model kits and prototypical accuracy. We
do not have to reinvent the wheel here. We just need to reactivate our relationship with the
site and move content forward again. A few people need to help the web master manage incoming
content. I'll stand up and volunteer to assist as best as I can.

Eric Hansmann
Morgantown, W. Va.

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