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Rob Adams

Hello All;

I'm pleased to learn that you many of you miss seeing regular updates to the Steam Freight Cars web site. It has languished in recent months and I'll take responsibility for that. My apologies to Ted and fellow steam freight car fans. There are many circumstances that have contributed to the inactivity over the past year, many in my world, some not. At any rate, I presently have several changes to post, including some modeling product and component close-ups and vintage equipment advertising.

As has been pointed out in another post, the e-mail was "turned off", due to the incredible amount of SPAM that Ted was receiving. I have configured another email address .... <> that you may submit contact to. You are, of course, always welcome to contact me at my <> address.

So...let's kick start the the rejuvenation...

Submissions of material would be particularly welcome in the area of...

* Upcoming meets and other events
* New product announcements
* Reviews
* Interesting freight car photos, of models or prototype subjects

I welcome your comments, suggestions and assistance with this project.

Kind regards, Rob


Rob Adams
Wellman, IA
Modeling the CB&Q RR's Keokuk & Western branch, along with connecting Wabash and CRI&P operations

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