Re: Ex-GPEX Cars to Chateau Martin

Donald B. Valentine

My expertise lies with the GPEX cars, not Chateau Martin. That
said, however, I don't think the OMI model "Type C" is the one you
want, particularly for the 1950's era stated. In my nearly forty
years of research of GPEX cars I have not seen any of those
constructed with the large, jacketed steam lines along the car sill
on which those lines survived beyonds the early 1930's, if that late.
Presumedly this is the type of steam line you are refering to. I have
two of the "A" version in HO scale and that version would probably
serve your needs better, though I suppose the line could be removed.
The other thing that troubles me is your use of the term "ice
hatches". I have yet to see a GPEX car with ice hatches as they were
never needed. The earliest of these cars utilized Elyria and Pfaudler
porcelin lined tanks. Pfaudler then bought out Elyria and soon
changed to stainless steel tanks. The milk was cooled to 40 degrees
before the tanks were filled and the insulation around the tanks
could hold that temperature for least twenty four...even
with outside temperatures in the 70's.

Since your model would not have run in the configuration described
in the 1950's I cannot recommend a paint scheme for it. In the 1920's
I could suggest a couple.

Hope this is of help, Don Valentine

--- In STMFC@..., Rod Miller <rod@...> wrote:

Can't find an answer to my question by searching the archives.

I would like to have (in O scale) a model of the Chateau
Martin wine tank cars. Recently I came across an Overland import
whose box label reads "GPEX Express Milk Car, Type 'C', W/steam
lines added to Underframe". Would this car have been one that
went into CM service?

Jim Lancaster's excellent CM web page doesn't show this exact
car, which I describe as follows and will post a photo if that
is needed for positive yes/no.

40 foot car, Commonwealth 6'6" wheelbase express trucks, buffers
above the couplers, radial roof, ice hatches, large lifting lugs
on the edge of the roof and
about 1/4 way in from the ends apparently to remove the roof,
visible steam line under the side at the trucks, hand brake
wheels on each end, a line running along the roof next to the
roof walk that drops over each end into a tubular device that
is about 2 feet high.

This car does not have the outward facing channel under the
sides that is so obvious in some photos on Jim's page.

Lastly, if this car didn't go into CM service, can you please
tell me what lettering/paint scheme would be correct for this
car in the mid-50s?



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