Re: New file uploaded to STMFC

Rod Miller

Hi Folks,

Four photos of the GPEX car that
I asked about have been uploaded to the files

While taking the photos and being in a little
less of a hurry, I noticed that what I concluded
yesterday were ice hatches [because the car has the
appearance from the side of a
refrigerator car] were the usual house car corner
roofwalks. Donald Valentine commented that milk
had a very high "thermal inertia" and didn't need
to be iced. His comment reminds me of a posting
perhaps here about an experiment where a load of
milk was shipped from Chicago to Florida in the
summer. The milk temperature was up one degree IIRC
after several days in an insulated but not iced car.
If the person who originally posted that information
sees this post, hopefully they will update/correct
what I wrote.

Rod wrote:

This email message is a notification to let you know that
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File : /O Scale GPEX Express Milk Car/GPEX1.jpg Uploaded by : howmanycats <> Description : GPEX express milk car, side view. Private road name. You can access this file at the URL: To learn more about file sharing for your group, please visit:
howmanycats <>

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