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I have been quietly ignoring references to "tar paper" roofing in the commercial press as well as here and I have to comment. Tar paper, properly called building or roofing felt is NOT a roofing material except for short term or temporary use. What modelers shoulkd be referring to is "rolled roofing". That is the material often used on structure roofs. It is similar to asphalt shingles, with a granular material as a finish and comes in multiple colors.

As we try to match the prototype in our modeling, it is important to know and use correct terminology. Please help to eliminate references to tar paper, except as an underlayment material.

CJ Riley
retired architect

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Subject: [STMFC] another caboose construction question
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Did wood cabooses have tar paper (or maybe car cement?) on
their roofs
in the steam era?

It's logical, particularly if the crew slept in them.


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