Re: New Standards for Freight Cars Models

Charlie Vlk

Thanks. I see that they have been posted....

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Kurt Laughlin writes:

"Umm, I believe he was addressing this Yahoo group in general and the
of various posts in particular, not the NMRA membership as a whole. I've
only been on here about a year and a half but I'm pretty sure I've never
seen a post signed by a clearly feminine name or a mention that an post
author was a woman. Thus, addressing the group as "Gentlemen" is probably
correct - at least with regard to gender."

Well, of course the STMFC does not issue standards, RP's, conformance or
warrants defining the use of proper terms to be used in messages posted.
Except, of course, when any term is used in an offensive manner to another
member...multipied of course when that member or Jeff Aley.
Like reviews of models posted on the STMFC, I suppose one's verbage
classifies oneself. In my case...I was not really offended when Didrik
included me as a "gentleman" although, I might imagine, others that know me
well might have been at least surprised.<G>.

Mike Brock

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