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Was this the "mule hide roof" used on passenger equipment in the
steam era? I was eating at the Machine Shop restaurant in Olathe,
Kansas some years ago, right under an old porcelan sign that
advertised "Mule Hide Roofing" for barns, etc. (I was hoping that
there would be a lathe or milling machine or two in there, but it was
a restaurant themed on crop harvesting-type machines instead!)

Inquiring minds want to know! A.T. Kott

There is a Mule-Hide Roofing Co... "Not a kick in a million feet"...
that makes membrane roofing products for architectural use, but I'm
not aware they had a product specific to the railroad industry. They
may have at one time. Do you have a specific reference in company
documents? The name still won't tell us what it is, as they use their
trade name across a whole variety of products. See:


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