Re: another caboose construction question


Ya' gotta' love the 'net. That's fascinating Dick, thanks for digging
that up and posting it. Now that I know what cotton duck is, I can see
how it might be described as "canvas" in reference ot freight car
roofs. Perhaps the "Mule Hide" often referred to in freight car
construction was cotton duck treated or coated with some sort of black
waterproof sealant.


Mike Mucklin

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_Cotton_ ( duck is a
type of
textile. It is used in a wide range of industries, and can be found
used in the
manufacture of shoes, _slipcovers_
( for furniture,
work clothes, sails, bags, and a variety of other
things. As a general rule, cotton duck is plain, but very strong.

Dick Kashdin
Clarence, NY

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