Re: CRIP SW1 decals

Steve and Barb Hile


Please contact me off list and I will send you my Rock Island decal list. I should have what you need.

Steve Hile

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Right, A thousand pardons. Lessee, I am modeling 1953, so the basic black
with the small coonskin herald on the cab sides, and the road name on the
hood in white. White side sill stripe.
Joe Binish
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Since Rock Island never met a paint salesman they didn't like, the
question is what scheme?

Jerry Glow

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Sorry for the slightly off topic question....

I am looking for a set of decals in HO for an SW1, Rock Island. I've
checked the normal suspects(Micro and Champ, and the GD site) Rumor has
it that switchers occasionally moved steam era freight cars....
Joe Binish


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