Re: USG/Tichy Tank Car Articles, RMJ 1990-91; FPLX 1027?

Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>

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From: Bruce Smith

Kurt, Folks,

If you look in the archives, you will find that Russ Pinchbeck wrote an
article on "Canadian Car & Foundry's "War Emergency" 10,000 gallon tank
car" Railroad ModelCraftsman, July 2002 page 91. These cars were the
essentially the same as the USG-A. The kitbash uses the Tichy tank and an
IM underframe.

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Yup, I have that one. I also have these others:

5/92 Mainline Modeler (MM) article by C. Keith Jordan - Says the USG cars used a type 21 frame.
1/06 MM by Thorton Waite - Photos of USAX 11278, which has something quite different from the Type 27 frame, but that matches the photo of USQX 11200 in theRMJ 10/90 article.
5/88 Model Railroader by Jeff English - Doesn't label the frame but ends up converting it to look a Type 27 frame.

Looking the the message archive here I found a R.H. post of 2005 (or so) stating the use of Type 27 explicitly. I was going to ask a follow-up about the USQX cars, but they are the wrong size and wrong owner for my needs, so I didn't.


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