Re: Modified 1937 AAR Boxcars

Ed Hawkins

On May 31, 2008, at 8:43 AM, Brian J Carlson wrote:

I've been looking over Ed Hawkins Modified 1937 AAR roster on the
Steam Era
Freight Car Web Site, and noticed the inside height varied from 10'
4" to 10
6". I know IM has an HO model of the Modified 1937 AAR car, is it a
10' 6'
or 10' 4" car If it is a 10' 6" car what have others been doing to
model the
10' 4" cars. Using a 10' 6" car as is, or modifying it. The difference
between a 10' and 10'6 car is easy to see, but since the difference
a 10' 4" car and a 10' 6" car in 1/3 of that not sure how noticeable
would be.
I've been talking IH, but the exterior height was usually 2" lower
than a
10'-6' car also.
Brian J Carlson P.E.
To answer your question, it depends. The IM model can reasonably
accurately represent nearly all cars listed in the roster. Cars built
for Erie and EJ&E are considered exceptions and cannot accurately be
modeled using the IM kit without making major changes.

For reasons of practicality, all of the cars in the roster had 5/5
Dreadnaught Ends regardless of any variations in the ends, interior
heights, and/or exterior heights. There are some physical differences
in the exterior appearance and dimensions of some cars, and some of
these differences in appearance are more pronounced than others. In
some cases, the inside height difference might be accounted for by the
interior arrangement (i.e., floor thickness).

The Erie cars listed as 10'-4" IH have a noticeable difference at the
top of the end where there is very little space between the top
corrugation and the edge of the roof. Other cars listed with 10'-4" IH,
such as ATSF Bx-34 and Bx-37 cars, have more space between the top
corrugation and the edge of the roof, and they look very much like cars
listed with either 10'-5" IH or 10'-6" IH.

For all cars in the roster, the exterior height (measured from the rail
to the top of the running board) range from 14'-10" to 15'-'1". Of the
cars in the list, only Erie's cars have an exterior height to running
board of 14'-10" while all others are listed in the ORER as 14'-11" to
15'-1". Thus, I would consider the Erie cars an exception, and the EJ&E
cars are an exception due to the size of the door opening and side
Ed Hawkins

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