Re: USG/Tichy Tank Car Articles, RMJ 1990-91; FPLX 1027?

Steve and Barb Hile


The Keith Jordan article in MM IS the type 21 underframe, but it is not the "War Emergency" car. It is now ably represented by the P2k 10,000 gallon car, so the Tichy kitbash is unnecessary.

The USQX cars are a bit more problematic. The builder's photo in RMJ 10/90 shows an ACF builder's mark, but the underframe looks more like a General American, in that it lacks, completely, the sub sills from the truck bolster to the car ends that the Type 27 underframe clearly show in the FPLX photo below. The tank saddles are identical, however. Could it be that this is a case of reusing parts of older underframes to speed the process in wartime?

Fun speculating, isn't it.

Steve Hile

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Kurt, Folks,

If you look in the archives, you will find that Russ Pinchbeck wrote an
article on "Canadian Car & Foundry's "War Emergency" 10,000 gallon tank
car" Railroad ModelCraftsman, July 2002 page 91. These cars were the
essentially the same as the USG-A. The kitbash uses the Tichy tank and an
IM underframe.

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Yup, I have that one. I also have these others:

5/92 Mainline Modeler (MM) article by C. Keith Jordan - Says the USG cars
used a type 21 frame.
1/06 MM by Thorton Waite - Photos of USAX 11278, which has something quite
different from the Type 27 frame, but that matches the photo of USQX 11200
in theRMJ 10/90 article.
5/88 Model Railroader by Jeff English - Doesn't label the frame but ends up
converting it to look a Type 27 frame.

Looking the the message archive here I found a R.H. post of 2005 (or so)
stating the use of Type 27 explicitly. I was going to ask a follow-up about
the USQX cars, but they are the wrong size and wrong owner for my needs, so
I didn't.


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