Re: USG/Tichy Tank Car Articles, RMJ 1990-91; FPLX 1027?

Richard Hendrickson

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The USQX cars are a bit more problematic. The builder's photo in
RMJ 10/90 shows an ACF builder's mark, but the underframe looks
more like a General American, in that it lacks, completely, the sub
sills from the truck bolster to the car ends that the Type 27
underframe clearly show in the FPLX photo below. The tank saddles
are identical, however. Could it be that this is a case of reusing
parts of older underframes to speed the process in wartime?

Fun speculating, isn't it.

Perhaps, but in this case let's not speculate where we have
information. The Quartermaster Corps purchased 285 USG-A 10K gal.
tank cars from AC&F ca. 1943. These differed from the USG-A type
cars AC&F built for its own Shippers Car Line leasing subsidiary in
several respects, most notably in the underframes, which in all
photos of these cars appear to be of similar (though not identical)
design as those on the GATC cars purchased by the QMC at about the
same time. Those underframes were built new for the USQX cars in
question. AC&F was, of course, perfectly capable of building such
underframes if that's what the QMC wanted, and apparently that's what
was specified. Note that the underframes for AC&F tank cars weren't
built at the Milton, PA tank car plant; they were built at the
Berwick, PA freight car plant and sent to Milton on their own wheels
to have tanks applied.

Richard Hendrickson

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