Re: USG/Tichy Tank Car Articles, RMJ 1990-91; FPLX 1027?

Brian Leppert <b.leppert@...>

AC&F did offer a tank car underframe similar to General American's. Quoting from AC&F literature, circa 1925:

"Type 25 is a new and important development in non-end-sill construction."

"The Type 25 tank car shown above does not carry the end sills, end side sills, and diagonal braces, but does have heavy steel diaphragms extending from the center sills at each end of the car, affording a substantial foundation for the running boards at the corners of the car and for the brake mast, the uncoupling device, sill, step, and corner grab irons."

The diaphragms appear similar to normal Type 21 running board supports.

Examples of possible Type 25 cars are in Kaminski's AC&F book on pages 70 (SCAX 625) and 75 (CLX 2270) and in his tank car book, pages 105 (RVX 101), 109 (ILDX 112), 115 (PMCX 568) and page 118 (WOWX 282). None of the cars have end diaphragms, however.

Is it possible that the USQX tank cars could be considered to be Type 25?

Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV

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