Re: J & L Steel and Koppers Coal Car Tank Cars

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Larry and list members,

Looking at the P&LE HS web site at

It appears to me that maybe there might be a charge for S&H, but you didn't mention such in your post.

I'd like to order one of these. Larry - can you clarify if we need to include a separate S&H charge?

Thanks - Claus Schlund

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Jamie Toman wrote:
Does anyone know were I could find out about J & L Steel and Koppers
Coal Car Tank Cars? I have one good pic of a J & L one, need some
more photos or info on them. I know 3RD Rail makes them in brass in O-
Scale. Did they have an "A" or "B" end markings or which end was it?
I know they had handbrakes on both ends.

The latest issue of the P&LE RR Historical Society magazine *The
Little Giant* includes an article with three 1958 photos of J&L coal
tar tankcar 1022 which was part of a derailment in 1958, color photo
of an indentified J&L coal tar tankcar, and the builder's photo that
was in the cyclopedias. These cars were painted black in the 1950s.

There are drawings for these cars in the April 1956 Model Railroader.

The magazine, Vol. 3 No. 3 is available from the Society store. Send
request for TLG V3 N3 and a check for $6.95 to:
PO Box 15512
Pittsburgh, PA 15244

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA


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