Re: How about creating a model prototype database?

Steve Lucas <stevelucas3@...>

Marty, I took absolutely no offence to your or Schyuler's postings.
I didn't FEEL at all that I was being "picked on". And I don't
recall asking for a database to be set up, but I'd gladly contribute
to it if one was.

I model a location in Eastern Ontario that, for a railway line in
Canada, saw many US freight cars hauling grain, locomotive coal, and
home heating coal. Even MDT reefers loaded with potatoes. So I find
myself modelling many of those roads' cars. ATSF raised-roof steel-
frame boxcars, NYC USRA boxcars, IC, L&N, Southern, and many Eastern
US roads' hopper cars, B&O M-53's, Georgia RR USRA steel-side rebuild
boxcars, LV "wrong-way" boxcars, just to name a few off the top of my
head. And I see myself modelling many more US roads' cars yet,
breaking me from a diet of CN 40' steel and steel-frame boxcars that
I always seem to be working on.

I'd imagine that you and Richard Hendrickson must get many broad
requests for info on the roads that you both are very knowledgeable
of. For someone to make that broad e-mail enquiry of you about "CV
freight cars of the '50s" or want you to tell them everything about
the CV Essex Junction--White River Junction line--that's a bit much.
They really should get out and do some research to at least winnow
their request down to specific group of cars, or go to White River
Junction for starters--that can be as much fun as modelling! And
IMHO, having a computer and paying an ISP means that one has the
ability to surf the web. Anything else--make an informed query very,
very, nicely, once and wait for an answer.

BTW, I have to model one of those CV steel-frame 40' cars
eventually. ;)

All the best,

Steve Lucas.

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You seem to think I was picking on you which certainly wasn't my

To clarify - I wasn't attempting to suggest that you not ask a
question of the list. My reply was regarding the comment that
make on this list on an almost annual basis suggesting "we" - being
the members of this list - create some sort of massive database
they can locate whatever they want to know about steam era freight

Someone suggested this be a "wiki" - my point was to show we
that very idea 2 years ago, in detail. To date nothing has been
to create it - and I'm not in the least surprised by that since the
people who have the knowledge and resources to create these detailed
Wiki entries on each railroad have other things to do with their

My comment reflects one pet peeve I have. I know how many
questions I
get on a monthly basis on Central Vermont items - I can't imagine
many Richard Hendrickson gets for the Santa Fe. I have no problem
answering the questions for folks, but over time my initial answers
inquiries have gotten more curt -- I don't' have the time to do all
the research and modeling I want to do for myself and spending time
replying to fishing expedition questions ("Tell me about CV freight
cars in the 1950s" and "I'm interested in building a layout based on
the CV between White River Junction and Essex Junction - can you
me about the traffic, track arrangements, locomotives, and
are two actual examples of questions I've received in the past

These are examples of poorly asked questions - they simply aren't
specific enough. The only way to answer them is very broadly, a
lengthly tome, or to suggest the person spends some time researching
things and asking specific, targeted questions. I actually enjoy
researching and answering those.

Another pet peeve is the idea some folks have that simply by paying
ISP and getting a computer they have some sort of right to expect to
get information that I've spent years (and not an inconsiderable sum
of money) accumulating . . . but I won't go into that any further.


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