Re: How about creating a model prototype database?

Tim O'Connor

There is already such a database. It's called the INTERNET.

The STMFC archives as well as ALL Yahoo groups are downloadable
to your hard drive with a tool called "PG Offline" and you can
then make sophisticated search requests (e.g. find 'this' plus
'that' but not 'those') locally.

There are HUNDREDS of web sites with prototype information,
modeling information, photographs, spreadsheets, lists, drawings,
you name it.

I only got serious about prototype models 15 years ago -- and I
think we only started the STMFC about 10 +/- years ago. Almost
everything I know, I've learned from friends, books, magazines,
emails, web site resources, and my small collection of photos,
and my digital scans (about 45,000 downloaded images).

As Marty says, it takes TIME and EFFORT and MONEY and no one
is obligated to package it up for someone else's instant

Tim O'Connor

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