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Walter M. Clark

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It has been requested to me that members not use the term "ADMIN" in
subject line even when replying to an ADMIN message. I think thats a
idea because ADMIN messages should be read by the members and I
don't think
we should subject the members to more ADMIN messages than necessary.
free, however, to ask about a subject in the ADMIN subject line.
ADMIN messages will be few in number and should really only be used
to keep
the group functioning in as efficient manner as possible. The less
we see of
the judge the better...IMO.

Mike Brock
Good idea, Mike. The only problem is that I read and post from
Yahoo's website, where I have no control over the title at the top of
a thread. The only time I can choose what I want the subject to say
is when I start a new thread.

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Walter M. Clark
Pullman, Washington, USA

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