Re: An L&N Boxcar?

Donald B. Valentine

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Eric Hansmann wrote:
"I was trolling around the P&WV site and found a few great steam era
images. Here's one from July 1947. You can zoom in pretty easily to
see the weathered NYC and Southern boxcars behind the loco. Is that
an L&N boxcar before the edge of the picture? The letters aren't
quite distinct enough. If so, would anyone have an idea what number
series it is from? It seems like a DS rebuild."

Most likely L&N 8000-8999, AC&F, built 1921 based on the ends.
These are NOT rebuilt DS boxcars - they retained their wood
sheathing throughout their service lives.

Ben Hom

What an absolutely superb photo! I'm always happy to see such
good quality color photos of any road in that period. It is
interesting to note that both the NYC and Southern car are
available from Al Westerfield in kit form. Can we expect the
L&N car anytime soon Al??????

Don Valentine

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