Re: An L&N Boxcar?

milepost131 <sryn.dump@...>

Great picture. But doesn't it beg some of the questions I've been
watching on this discussion group?

While I'm not an L&N fanatic I must say that everyone needs to examine
that Southern Car- It's a Southern SU boxcar.

Looks like 154183. Hmmm an SU. Look real closely and you can see that
the build date would be 9/22 with Hutchins (early) ends and peaked
roof. No fascia.
Can't see that detail?
Can't be that I'm looking at info in a data base; NO WAY!; we know
there isn't one.
Gee I must have real good eye sight or access to Southern Railway info.
Of course, I already knew Westerfield made the HO model even though I
model in N scale (Guess who's building SU boxcars?).

So anyone who wants to know more about THAT Southern car can now find
it in this discussion group by just searching for that car number or
keyword Southern SU.

BTW, is that the correct Southern Railway Boxcar RED?
Hmmm I wonder what number that is and whether there has been a red
shift through the years in the original photo?

And were those the original trucks.

Great picture though. Anyone have a paint chip from that car in case I
want to decal one of mine with that number<g>?


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