Six dome wine tank car, was More images from the P&WV site


First, thanks for the links to the P&WV. The six dome wine tank car made me remember a book. So I went down to the basement and dug it out. It is An American Railroad Portrait, by Daniel L. Frizzi Jr. It is a history of RRs in Pultney Twp. and Bellaire Ohio, published in 1993.
One chapter is about the Malpiedi Wine Distributing Co. in Bellaire, which until 1960 received wine in three and six compartment tank cars for bottling under their own labels. The cars came from the Sonoma and Napa Valleys. There is information about the shipping of this wine, and unloading it, as well as information about the cars. There are two pictures of three and six compartment tank cars being unloaded, but you can see little detail other than three and six domes.
The book also has many photos and information on the B&O, OR&W, PRR, WLE and streetcars. I hope this is of interest.
Chuck Seemann Aurora, Colorado

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