Re: Taking Apart a Sunshine Model

Mike Fortney

John, I've had good fortune using Uncure, a 30-120 second ACC debonder
which was custom-labeled for the LHS. I kept the joint coated with
Uncure using a Q-tip, then gently started working the parts apart. It
does take almost the entire two minutes to loosen but once the joint
separation starts, it's a piece o' cake. Uncure turns the ACC into a
gooey paste which cleans right off with NO damage to the resin parts
and NO marring of the surfaces. Uncure is also handy to remove the
errant glob of ACC which can otherwise mar a model's surface.

Mike Fortney

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I have a Sunshine box car kit (Seaboard DD auto car)
that did not go together well. I need to de-bond the
ACC I used to fix the roof to the sides. Does anyone
have any foolproof ideas on how to debond the ACC?
Yes, I've used ACC de-bonder, and I've tried freezing
it, but nothing's worked. Thanks!


John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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