Re: Taking Apart a Sunshine Model

Tony Higgins

I have never taken a whole model apart but I have successfully de
bonded body joints I was unhappy with. I used acetone and a q-tip.
Just keep soaking the q-tip and wiping the joint. It takes time but
it'll eventually weaken the joint. Be careful and you can get it
apart without breaking.

Tony Higgins

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-I haven't tried this myself but I'm led to believe ACC weakens in
freezing temps so if you put the finished model in the freezer for
while it should be relatively easy to pry apart.
Bob Weston
-- In STMFC@..., John Golden <golden1014@> wrote:

. Does anyone
have any foolproof ideas on how to debond the ACC?
Yes, I've used ACC de-bonder, and I've tried freezing
it, but nothing's worked. Thanks!


John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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