Re: Micro Mark Deluxe Decal Finishing System

Tim O'Connor

The uScale softening solutions are quite mild. I use Champ solution
or Walthers Solvaset to soften stubborn decals.

I routinely use the Microscale liquid decal stuff (I forget the name) to
either hold old decals together, or to transform tiny lettering from dry
transfers into decals, after first transferring them to decal paper. Just
brush it on and let it dry.

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From: Spen Kellogg <spenkell@...>
Does anyone have any experience with Micro Marks decal setting and
restoring products. I am particularly interested in the decal film
restoring solution as I have some old decals that are no longer made.
I've tried to store them well, but I don't trust myself.

Thanks and regards, Spen Kellogg

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