Swift's Brookfield Butter "Meat" Reefer

rickstern845215 <rstern1@...>

Atlas has in their HO line a meat reefer decorated for Swift and the
lettering for "Brookfield Butter". I'm aware that Swift owned a
dairy/breakfast (eggs, milk, butter, etc.) products firm called
Brookfield, but I don't know if they had any special cars for
transporting dairy prodcuts.

Can anyone tell me ...

* Were these cars used for transporting meat, or dairy products.
E.g., was this just another of Swift's many advertising "sides" used on
their meat cars? * What was the time period when these cars were
active. I have found collectibles on the web for Swift's Brookfield
subsidiary from before WWII, but not after. * What parts of the
country might these cars have operated?

Rick Stern

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