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Richard - Check the glossary section for some freight car terms at:
and what you don't see there, let me know and I will try and post it, or
look it up.

Sunshine does not have a web site. I've talked to Martin and have his
permission to post the information in his flyers at:
although this is going slow and I have a lot to do. (The flyers I have are
often for kits that have since come out in plastic, such as X29's and the
AAR 53 ft. 6 in. gon, so the interest in them isn't as strong. Martin is
supposed to send me the more recent ones, but he is busy and hasn't done so

Storey - I've love that information on the T-M cars. I just posted a
sketchy bit of information at:
Let me get together what I have at this end and meanwhile maybe you can
check some confusion, such as on some kits, what type of end they had.
(With Outlook Express, I can't figure out how to write to someone off-list.)

And speaking of T-M, I realize they generally used accurate schemes but in
their quest to make a three car reefer set of one all wood car, one wood car
with steel ends and one all steel, they put many schemes on too modern cars.

Did URTX ever get Dreadnaught ended wood cars? Did they rebuild older all
wood cars? When was their first all steel cars. (I think 1937, but that is
just prior to the billboard ban, certainly after the switch from URTCo.
marks to URTX, which makes a blanket statement easy.) (I know the T-M steel
car is not that close to the 1937 URTX steel car, but if a scheme should
have been on a wood car, that makes the error a greater magnitude.)

And is there any prototype for the T-M steel reefer? In their use of a
common mold base, they produced a late '30's steel reefer basically with
1920's height. - John

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Thanks to Richard,Bill and Garth! This is great! For many,many
months I've been thinking the Bowser cars were the end all SAL
roundroof cars. I'm not trashing Bowser. I'm just glad that somebody
could provide me with the additional info so I could make an informed
1)Does Sunshine have a website? Do they produce a catalog? I hear
they also make a model of the 1932 ARA boxcar in SAL markings. SAL
loved their B6 class so I gotta have a few!
2)Can anyone recommend and article or book that would describe the
various types of boxcar ends and doors. Until to day I didn't know
the difference between a P-S end and a Dreadnaught end.
3)On the FC list there has been lots of talk about sulpher loads. I
was wondering if any of these loads would have moved overland during
WW2 because of the German Uboats. I know oil shipments went overland
to avoid the Uboats.
Thanks again. REAL name is Richard Stallworth of Gainesville
Florida. Gainesville is in North Florida...but it was on Seaboards
South Florida Division.

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