Re: Swift's Brookfield Butter "Meat" Reefer

michael bishop <goldrod_1@...>

The Swift and Company still had ads into the mid fifties for the Brookfield Dairy Butter. The ads were in major national magazines so it is possible that the items could have been in many areas of the country. BTW, Swift and Company has been sold to a Brazil meat packing company this last month.


rickstern845215 <rstern1@...> wrote:

Atlas has in their HO line a meat reefer decorated for Swift and the
lettering for "Brookfield Butter". I'm aware that Swift owned a
dairy/breakfast (eggs, milk, butter, etc.) products firm called
Brookfield, but I don't know if they had any special cars for
transporting dairy prodcuts.

Can anyone tell me ...

* Were these cars used for transporting meat, or dairy products.
E.g., was this just another of Swift's many advertising "sides" used on
their meat cars? * What was the time period when these cars were
active. I have found collectibles on the web for Swift's Brookfield
subsidiary from before WWII, but not after. * What parts of the
country might these cars have operated?

Rick Stern

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