Re: Micro Mark Deluxe Decal Finishing System

rickstern845215 <rstern1@...>

I've had somewhat mixed results with the Micro Super Film. On the
good side, it does create a film over the top of the old decal that
can, in most cases, hold it together.

On the bad side, you have to be very careful to avoid brushing it
onto the old decal too thick or unevenly. In those cases the decal
will develop a curl or be so thick that, when applied to an uneven
surface (such as a wood car side) won't "snuggle down" into the
surface no matter how much setting solution is applied.

Net result is that, I may try it for a decal that will be put onto a
flat surface. But mostly, when I have a decal that turns out to be
so fragile it can't be used I might try the Micro Super Film once to
see if I can restore it. If not, it's much less frustrating to just
buy new decals.


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The item that Tim was referring to is called "Micro Super Film" put
out by Kraesel Industries. I used it to coat old decals that had the
surface film cracking.

You just brush it over the decal surface and let it dry a few
minutes, then drop the decal into water and slide it off the backing,
just as if they were new the day before. It basically seals up the
age cracks in the film surface.

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