Re: GARX car in Monon, IN

Michael Aufderheide

The underframe is not original to the car.  The body was used as storage inside a barn since the late '40s and placed on this underframe when it was brought to the museum.  There was discussion of this car a few years ago if you can negotiate the archived messages. 
Mike Aufderheide

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Subject: [STMFC] Re: GARX car in Monon, IN
Date: Thursday, June 12, 2008, 9:05 AM

Roger Hinman wrote:

http://www.rrpictur earchives. net/showPicture. aspx?id=825673

Anyone know where in Monon this car is located???
Does anyone want to speculate about the origins of this reefer. The
heavy fishbelly underframe looks like some of the reefers built for
Swift and Company.

Bob Witt

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