Re: Swift's Brookfield Butter "Meat" Reefer

Cyril Durrenberger

What book is being referenced here?

Cyril Durrenberger

--- Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Richard Stern wrote:
That said, the comment about billboard reefers
being banned raises a
question in my mind . . . the reason the ICC
banned billboard ads on
freight cars was that shippers would often find
their shipments in
cars advertising their competitors.
The right answer, RIchard, would be to wait
a bit for the book
to emerge and read it for yourself, but in brief,
not only was this NOT
the reason, it was not even mentioned. The fact is
that the billboard
painting was done for cars under lease to a
particular shipper, not for
cars in general service.

IIRC, the ban did not affect cars in captive
service to a specific
shipper, nor to those owned by a specific shipper
and used only for
their products.
Not at first, but yes, over time an
understanding emerged that
long-term use or ownership of a car permitted the
owner to put logos on
the car, but NOT product advertising unless that
product, and only that
product, was going to be inside the car. For that
reason, all the meat
reefers quickly dropped mentioning individual
For more, particularly about the rebating
practices which
ACTUALLY caused the ICC decision, I commend the book
to you.

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