Re: "Lemons" into lemonade


So you are wondering who owned welded 40ft AAR box cars with
8 ft Superior doors? Other than the road names (e.g. Reading) that
Red Caboose has already done?
Well, sort of. Red Caboose describes RC-8900 as an AC&F 40' welded
box with IH of 10'6", 4-3-1 ends, and 8' doors (they supply both
"Youngstown" and "Superior"). They have the cars lettered for Maine
Central, WP, Wabash, and RI. I'd like to do something different--
either a different road or a different paint scheme for the listed

I thought that one or more of the WP/RI cars might have made it into
UP, but so far I haven't found any.

Ed Sutorik

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