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Atlas has in their HO line a meat reefer decorated for Swift and the
lettering for "Brookfield Butter". I'm aware that Swift owned a
dairy/breakfast (eggs, milk, butter, etc.) products firm called
Brookfield, but I don't know if they had any special cars for
transporting dairy prodcuts.

Can anyone tell me ...

* Were these cars used for transporting meat, or dairy products.
E.g., was this just another of Swift's many advertising "sides"
used on
their meat cars? * What was the time period when these cars were
active. I have found collectibles on the web for Swift's Brookfield
subsidiary from before WWII, but not after. * What parts of the
country might these cars have operated?

The problem with the Atlas meat reefer is that it was an odd
design used primarily by the Cudahy Packing Co. and very few, if any,
other meat packers, even though constructed by General American. The
most unusual, and distinguishing, feature of the car is the use of
only two hinges on each half of the door rather than the usual three.

I'd be VERY surprised to find that Swift ever used any of these
oddities. Your best bet for good Swift reefers are those Marty Lofton
offered in his Sunshine line of resin kits. Good models of meat
reefers in injection molded cars are hard to come by. Other than the
Mather meat reefers in the Red Caboose or InterMountain line I cannot
think of a single injection molded model of a meat reefer that the
majority on this list would accept without a considerable reworking.

Don Valentine

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