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Richard Hendrickson

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Richard Hendrickson wrote:

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Well, gee, Bob, it looks like a Kingan & Co reefer to me. :-)
did a model for at least one Kingan reefer...
In fact, it was built, owned, and operated by General American under
GARX reporting marks and leased to Kingan at the time it was taken
out of service. The side sill tabs identify it as having been built
in the 1930s with a Duryea cushion underframe. I have several in-
service photos of these cars.

Richard Hendrickson

Thank you, I assume that Kingan & Co. also owned and operated reefers
with their reporting marks.

I believe I have one photo from Bob's, but I will have to check.

Bob, Kingan operated a substantial fleet of reefers under their own
reporting marks during the billboard reefer era covered by the
forthcoming book (which includes a couple of photos of Kingan cars),
and as late as 1938 the ORERs show them with about 450 cars. By
1941, however, they were down to just one car, the others having
apparently been sold to one of the car leasing companies and leased
back - probably General American, since GATC provided them with meat
reefers in the 1950s.

Richard Hendrickson

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