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Maybe I can answer your questions and save Andy some gas.

There is an aerial photo of the Texaco Fillmore refinery in "Fillmore 1888-1988", published by the Fillmore Historical Society. The photo caption says "Looking north from over Highway 126 to the Texaco Refinery in late 1940s."

There are at least 14 tank cars visible, all single dome. All but three are all black with no large lettering, only reporting marks. Three cars are silver with black underframes and bottom sheets. All three have billboard "TEXACO" lettering, but one car's is a little larger than the others. Maybe 50 % taller and a little longer.

In this published half-toned photo the tank cars are only 3/8" long, so I can't see much more detail.

Hope this helps,

Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV

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The Union Oil Museum in Santa Paula (Southern California) has a B&W
image of the Texaco refinery of Fillmore which was closed in 1951.
Their photo, if I remember correctly, was credited to a 1950 shot, and
in the facility were numerous Texaco lettered tank cars, including 3-4
Silver tank cars with large TEXACO lettering.

How many black cars are lettered Texaco? Are there any silver cars with
small Texaco lettering? Black cars with large TEXACO lettering? UTLX
tank cars?


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