Re: Red Caboose TW class CDLX wine car

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Richard Hendrickson wrote:
In the 1930s California Despatch Line had some wine tank cars which consisted of six tanks in wood racks installed in second-hand PFE cars. Will Whittaker photographed a couple of these cars in the late 1930s, out of service by that time but still with fancy billboard paint and lettering schemes.
Description of the PFE sale to CDLX, and the Whittaker photos, are in the PFE book, Chapter 4. But neither Whittaker image shows a "Fruit Industries" paint scheme, nor do I think RC did one on the PFE body. Moreover, such cars were not AAR class TW, which was a wooden container class. As Bruce was thinking, RC certainly DID do a "Fruit Industries" scheme on their welded tank car.

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