Re: Texaco refinery picture

Cyril Durrenberger

Could you provide the web site reference for the Conoco car?

Cyril Durrenberger

"Garth G. Groff" <> wrote:

Yesterday I searched the Library of Congress photo site and found no
Texaco refinery or tank car pictures. Delano took a lot of shots of
Mid-Continent refineries, and DX tank cars are plentiful. The few Texaco
shots that came up show gas stations and the like.

One tank car is identified as Texaco, but it is actually a Conoco. It is
a wooden-framed car with a silver tank and billboard lettering what
apparently was caught in a flood or some other calamity. Nice car.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff wrote:

There's gotta be some photos of Texaco's refinery in the Houston
area... there's a beautiful well known (frequently published) SP company
photo from 1950-ish of a Cities Service refinery in Texas in which many
different car types can be identified. It's an inspiring shot!

Tim O'Connor

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