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Thanks very much for this web site . in the absence of a site by Sunshine,
this is very helpful.


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I've updated my Sunshine Models web site
<http://www.sunshine <>> . I've added
a link to a page I call "Flyers
by RR". It's what you'd expect, a list of links by railroad to PDFs of
Sunshine flyers. So far, it contains all the recent flyers, flyers
requested by you guys, and a bunch more for my favorite railroads. This is
the beginning of an on-going project to make all the flyers available
on-line, from kit# 1.1 up to the most recent one. I'm going to work back
from the newer ones because those are most likely to be of interest. If you
can't wait for your favorite, just ask and I'll give it priority.

If you don't see the new stuff, try the Refresh button. That's bitten me
more than once. Comments and criticism are welcome and please let me know if
you find any bad links. Suggestions for additions to the web site will be
read and maybe even added to my to-do list Currently on my to-do list is a
FAQ page and a link to photos of finished Sunshine models. When I get to the
right point, I'll be soliciting model photos from all you good people, but
it may be a while. I blow hot and cold on doing this html stuff and may not
do any more for months. Or maybe I'll do more tomorrow.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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