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I'm fine with RP-23; the closer it matches the outside diameter of #2 threads the better. I
am concerned, however with the diameter of the "socket" for the screw head. Used to be,
the binder head screws I used fit just about every truck, now I'm being forced to buy round
head screws to fit. Since I bought about 4 pounds worth of #2 X 3/16" binder head screws
from a surplus outlet, you can see I have a vested interest in using them.

The binder head style has a much lower profile than round head, making them especially
useful in Kadee installation.

Brian Ehni

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I would like to get opinions from this group on what do you think is
the optimum HO truck bolster clearance hole for mounting the truck to
the car.

NMRA's RP-23 calls for a .089 diameter hole to clear #2 screws. Only a
few manufacturers follow this. Most have a hole larger than 1/8 inch.

It seems to me that the smaller hole would be best for resin kits. But
would it also be OK for plastic cars?

Tahoe Model Works currently has a clearance hole about .120" diameter.
Has anyone been happy with it? I'm willing to change it.

Brian Leppert
Tahoe Model Works
Carson City, NV

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