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Armand Premo wrote:
"So Ben from wheel reports, how about these for starters?

TNO 58000
Class A-50-7 50 ft SS automobile boxcar built 1924, Murphy radial
roof. Starting point would be the Funaro & Camerlengo 6560 series
Class A-50-5/6 kits. You will need to replace the kit roof with a
radial roof. See Thompson's _SP Freight Cars_ Vol 3, Chapter 4 for
more details.

[AT]SF 15400
Car number not found in July 1950 ORER. No 15xxx series listed in
Appendix I roster of Santa Fe Furniture and Automobile Cars,
1887-1969 in Hendrickson's _Furniture and Autombile Box Cars_.

NKP 24700
Automobile boxcars rebuilt from earlier DS boxcars; 10 ft 6 in IH,
1/5/5/6 indented Murphy ends. Sunshine 64.4:

Ben Hom

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