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Bruce Smith

On Jun 20, 2008, at 12:24 PM, Paul Catapano wrote:

My friend Bob Lyon wrote to me about this thread:

That X30 is a must-do for the Elmira Branch, as the
American LaFrance plant was adjacent to Shannon
Interlocking, where the branch joined the Erie main as it came
out of Southport. The car had its own spur there where it was stored
when not in use. Would be a neat kitbash. If only there
were more than the one photo I've seen of it
No need for a kitbash in HO. Crown Custom Imports imported the X30 in HO scale a few years back - see my review in TKM #37, August 2006 ;^) AFAIK, they still have cars, as there were some on their table at the PRRT&HS meeting about a month ago.

In addition, Rail Classics had several differernt photos on their web site before they went belly up, so there is more than one photo of the car, but not many more.

For folks who aren't modeler's of the PRR's Elmira branch, this car could still make an appearance, but it would definitely be an "oddball" At 74' LOA, it REALLY stands out in a fleet of 40' boxcars!


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