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Bob Lyon (via Paul Catapano) wrote:
"That X30 is a must-do for the Elmira Branch, as the American
LaFrance plant was adjacent to Shannon Interlocking, where the branch
joined the Erie main as it came out of Southport. The car had its
own spur there where it was stored when not in use. Would be a neat
kitbash. If only there were more than the one photo I've seen of it

The Class X30 is currently available in HO scale brass from Crown
Custom Imports in the paint schemes that it wore during its long
service life. (The car ended its days in Penn Central green!) I
don't have a copy handy, but their ad in RMC should have pricing and
availability details. See Bruce Smith's review in the August 2006
issue of The Keystone Modeler.

If you want to kitbash this car, it's essentially a Class X28 boxcar
on steroids. You'll need at least two Red Caboose X29 kits, an end
door, Youngstown double doors, and some shim material (or two more
car bodies) to raise the height of the car to 10 ft IH. A kitbash of
this car won best HO scale freight car at the PRRT&HS Annual Meeting
a few years ago. (I'll post the name of the modeler once I get a
chance to look it up).

As for photos, the builders photos are commonly seen. The 3/4 A end
photo is posted on Rob Schoenberg's website here:

...and the broadside photo is available from several vendors
including Richard Burg and has been published in Wayner's _Cars of
the Pennsylvania Railroad_. In service photos are a bit harder to
find; the Crown Custom Imports model was originally a Rail Classics
project, and Eddy had several in-service photos posted on the
website, which unfortunately went away after they closed down.

Ben Hom

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