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Richard Hendrickson

On Jun 20, 2008, at 8:49 AM, benjaminfrank_hom wrote:

[AT]SF 15400
Car number not found in July 1950 ORER. No 15xxx series listed in
Appendix I roster of Santa Fe Furniture and Automobile Cars,
1887-1969 in Hendrickson's _Furniture and Autombile Box Cars_.

According to Larry Occhiello's invaluable "Santa Fe Railway Listing
of Freight Cars...", a bunch of Fe-28 50' AAR postwar double door
auto cars were renumbered 15209-25410 in 1956 when equipped with
racks for the shipment of Chrysler auto parts stampings. That number
change is actually shown in the text of my book as well, but not in
the roster (the roster, had it been able to include all of the number
changes made when service assignments were revised would have
required a separate book). These cars had diagonal panel roofs, 4-4
early style Improved Dreadnaught ends, 15'6" double postwar
corrugated doors, Ajax brakes, ASF A-3 trucks, and Morton steel
running boards.

Richard Hendrickson

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